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Just jotting it all down

When you get to my age you need to write stuff down just so you can remember it.
It’s mainly about coding but some of it may be useful to other people.

Single page application (SPA) framework. What to choose for my Web App?

A little overview of my situation. I created a piece of software checkify 10 years ago which I really want to...

Getting Started With Blazor

Exciting and apprehension when starting to learn something new. How should you get started with Blazor? Setting Up You must be...

Blazor to Build a Client-Side Single-Page App with .NET Core

Can you imagine that feeling of excitement running through your veins and the amazing feeling of dreams coming true? Well, that...

What is Blazor?

What is Blazor? .NET running in the browser!

Can you imagine .NET running in the browser? Is this a dream? Well, it’s not and its now reality and it’s...

Should my website be secure?

Why is securing websites important? Every visit you make to a website where the address starts with http:// the information that...

More Internet Kittens

Well, it’s taken the best part of four decades for me to start this so let’s hope it will be worth...