Well, I normally use SQL Server but looking at how the data in checkify will be used I am researching the differences between Cosmos DB and MongoDB.

My whole working life has been using databases so what is SQL Server? SQL Server is a database engine that is used to store data. The engine is available in both a server and a cloud-based version.

What is Cosmos DB (database)?

Microsoft’s cloud-based database service, Cosmos DB, can be used as the foundation of your application or website. It can be a simple, easy to use and manage, database.

Cosmos DB is an online database service that can be used to store data. The system makes use of the Document-Oriented Model (DOM) where you can save, retrieve, and manage data within a single collection.

Cosmos DB is a cloud database service that is designed to handle high throughput, low latency and availability requirements in a fully managed service with no administrative responsibilities. 

Azure Cosmos DB is highly performative and designed to scale to billions of reads and writes per second.

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a NoSQL database that is based on JSON documents. MongoDB has been one of the most popular NoSQL database solutions for a long time. It is a document-oriented database that can be used to store large amounts of data.


Azure Cosmos DB’s API for MongoDB