A little overview of my situation. I created a piece of software checkify 10 years ago which I really want to rewrite, update and expand its scope to a broader market. In basic terms its an online checklist

Looking for the best framework for building web-apps that will give us what we wanted to achieve

What we want to achieve with the new web app

Progressive web app

Framework Research

All open-source projects and JavaScript framework based but narrowed it down to my top 3 contenders.

Facts: Google – Released 2 years stable


Facts: Facebook – Released 6 years very stable and big community and proven


Facts:  Released 5 years ago


Why I am not a Javascript lover

Crazy to say but I really don’t like Javascript might be an age thing but the best way I can describe it is. Its feels like writing a letter to someone in many different languages starting off in English, moving onto a bit French with a side of German and a little bit of Latin thrown in for good measure. This can make the process bordering on painful but if it’s the only way to get what we want….

Wonder if any Javascripts less page frameworks?

Not heard anything but never looked so lets try a quick google search like you do. I remember typing in the search box “Single page application (SPA) non javascript” and this article from Microsoft came up “Choose between traditional web apps and single page apps” which changed my direction of thinking and sparked some interest and the reading continued.

Microsoft were talking about WebAssembly. ASP.NET Core 3.0 and Razor Components (code named Blazor) with a link to an article Getting started with Blazor, well I might as well give it a read it says its only a 4 minute read… Well that 4 minutes turned into a month of reading everything and anything I could find on Blazor could this be the answer.

One thing I forgot to mention that it hasn’t even been officially released yet, am I crazy?

So what is Blazor?