Can you imagine that feeling of excitement running through your veins and the amazing feeling of dreams coming true? Well, that is how I am feeling at the moment.

You will only hear this from a web developer when I tell you why. We will soon be able to write C# code and have it run in the browser! Thanks to a formerly-experimental framework called Blazor.

Amazing news came from Microsoft on the 18th April 2019 when they announced that it will be officially supporting the Blazor framework within .NET Core.

How does Blazor actually work?

C# can be compiled down to a standard called WebAssembly which allows it to then be loaded and executed in a browser without the need for Javascript. I am not really a JavaScript lover so I cannot tell you how excited this is to me and what a huge development it is for our industry.

Blazor is a web framework like Angular or React. Blazor applications don’t actually contain the .NET runtime but use Mono which runs 2 modes via WebAssembly, interpreted and AOT.

Blazor client-side web UI with .NET:

Blazor framework allows you to create rich interactive client-side web UIs using c# with .NET.

The major difference that Blazor offers is the ability for both server-side and client-side to share app logic written in .NET

Much wider browser support including mobile browsers as the UI render as HTML and CSS